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Motif 10 for October: Calendula

October: Calendula

The calendula is a member of the marigold family, and was traditionally valued as an herb, rather than its bright yellow blossoms. This flower can be used as many herbal medicinal remedies for headaches, toothaches, stomachaches, fever reducers and menstrual cramps. It can reduce swelling in insect bites, sprains, jaundice, sore eyes, wounds and other skin irritations when the calendula is made into an ointment. Lip balms can be made to soothe chapped lips as well. The calendula's bright colors ranging from gold to bright orange have also been boiled to make brilliant dyes for fabrics, cosmetics and food.
Calendula is the most sacred flower of ancient India… its flower heads were used to make garlands, which adorned holy statues.
The calendula's genus name, wor calendae, means throughout the months. Like sunflowers, Calendula's flower heads follows the sun.

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