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Flower Calendar - Motif 06

Project 2010 - Flower of the Month

Motif 06 for June: Wild Rose

June - Wild Rose

June: Wild Rose

The rose conveys a wealth of varying symbolism. But it is mostly known to symbolize love and appreciation. The original language of flowers meaning for the wild rose is pleasure and simplicity.

Those who would give this flower should take in consideration the different meaning of each color. A red rose means love, pink means gentle feelings, while dark pink means gratitude. A light pink rose sends a message of admiration or sympathy; a white rose means innocence, purity, friendship and humility. A yellow rose would mean dying love or platonic love, but for German-speaking countries, it would mean jealousy and infidelity. An orange rose means passion; burgundy means beauty; blue means mystery; green means calm; purple means protection, as in parental love. A black rose may be difficult to produce but it is said to depict one's slavish devotion.

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