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You have heard the names of a wide variety of embroidery stitches used in cross-stitch. Here you can learn from a description and a graphical display how to achieve these stitches.

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You have heard a term for cross stitch but you wonder what it means. Here is an alphabetical list of common terms to help you to understand.

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Finishing instructions for several EMS projects as well as general projects are included to help you highlight your work effectively.

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Find links to help you find EMS designs as well as general cross stitch information and designs.

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Please read to understand what is and is not allowed under copyright rules. Please honor all designers copyrights.

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Are you having a problem finding the materials you need or do you want to try something different? Check out these links for color and conversion information that should answer your questions.

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Crack the SafeCrack the Safe is your chance to unlock the safe and walk away with the winning prize.

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