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Counted Cross Stitch - Floral Designs

Floral Designs

Display a beautiful bouquet of flowers on your wall or on a pillow for yourself or as a gift. These bouquet will always stay bright and colorful - no water needed.


  • EMS002 "Heart of Roses"
    EMS002 "Heart of Roses"
  • EMS010 "Flower Bouquet"
    EMS010 "Flower Bouquet"
  • EMS011 "Roses and Lilies"
    EMS011 "Roses and Lilies"
  • EMS013 "Flower Bouquet"
    EMS013 "Flower Bouquet"
  • EMS015 "Rose Bouquet"
    EMS015 "Rose Bouquet"
  • EMS017 "Roses and Pansies"
    EMS017 "Roses and Pansies"
  • EMS018 "Floral Symphony"
    EMS018 "Floral Symphony"
  • EMS029 "Roses and Daisies"
    EMS029 "Roses and Daisies"
  • EMS030 "Daisy Basket"
    EMS030 "Daisy Basket"
  • EMS031 "Summer Bouquet"
    EMS031 "Summer Bouquet"
  • EMS032 "Hydrangea Bowl"
    EMS032 "Hydrangea Bowl"
  • EMS033 "Hydrangea Basket"
    EMS033 "Hydrangea Basket"
  • EMS034 "Hydrangea Bowl"
    EMS034 "Hydrangea Bowl"
  • EMS035 "Primerose Pot"
    EMS035 "Primerose Pot"
  • EMS036 "Pansy Pot"
    EMS036 "Pansy Pot"
  • EMS037 "Pansy Bouquet"
    EMS037 "Pansy Bouquet"
  • EMS047a "Pink Roses in Cup"
    EMS047a "Pink Roses in Cup"
  • EMS047b "Red Roses in Cup"
    EMS047b "Red Roses in Cup"
  • EMS049 "Summer Beauties"
    EMS049 "Summer Beauties"
  • EMS051 "Pot-pourri of Flowers"
    EMS051 "Pot-pourri of Flowers"
  • EMS060 "Christmas Bouquet"
    EMS060 "Christmas Bouquet"
  • EMS063 "In Loving Memory"
    EMS063 "In Loving Memory"
  • EMS066 "The Bird Collector"
    EMS066 "The Bird Collector"
  • EMS067 "The Box Collector"
    EMS067 "The Box Collector"
  • EMS083 "Wild Roses Basket"
    EMS083 "Wild Roses Basket"
  • EMS084 "Wild Roses Corner"
    EMS084 "Wild Roses Corner"
  • EMS085 "Wild Roses Border"
    EMS085 "Wild Roses Border"
  • EMS087 "Roses and Lilacs Bouquet"
    EMS087 "Roses and Lilacs Bouquet"
  • EMS088 "Roses and Lilacs Heart"
    EMS088 "Roses and Lilacs Heart"
  • EMS092 "Amaryllis Bouquet"
    EMS092 "Amaryllis Bouquet"
  • EMS093 "Symphony in Pink"
    EMS093 "Symphony in Pink"
  • EMS132 "Basket for Mum"
    EMS132 "Basket for Mum"
  • EMS003 "Pansy Border"
    EMS003 "Pansy Border"
  • EMS004 "Pensami"
    EMS004 "Pensami"
  • EMS008 "Pansy Wreath"
    EMS008 "Pansy Wreath"
  • EMS005 "Rose Cushion #1"
    EMS005 "Rose Cushion #1"
  • EMS009 "Rose Border"
    EMS009 "Rose Border"
  • EMS014 "Rose Motif"
    EMS014 "Rose Motif"
  • EMS016 "Flower Border"
    EMS016 "Flower Border"
  • EMS050 "Gift of Roses"
    EMS050 "Gift of Roses"
  • EMS140 "Pink Peonies"
    EMS140 "Pink Peonies"
  • EMS141 "Wild Roses Bouquet"
    EMS141 "Wild Roses Bouquet"
  • EMS143 "Roses in their Splendour"
    EMS143 "Roses in their Splendour"
  • EMS144 "La Duchesse"
    EMS144 "Rose - La Duchesse"
  • EMS145 "La Reine Elisabeth"
    EMS145 "Rose - La Reine Elisabeth"
  • EMS146 "Romantic Bouquet"
    EMS146 "Romantic Bouquet"
  • EMS147 "Roses of the Good Old Days"
    EMS147 "Roses of the Good Old Days"
  • EMS149 "Heart of Roses and Daisies"
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