EMS Cross Stitch Design

Counted Cross Stitch - Seasonal Series

  • EMS150 "Poinsettia" - The Winter motif of series "Four Seasons Cushions"
    For WHOLESALE information about this special series please check here
  • EMS123 "Spring Wreath"
    EMS123 "Spring Wreath"
  • EMS124 "Summer Wreath"
    EMS124 "Summer Wreath"
  • EMS125 "Autumn Wreath"
    EMS125 "Autumn Wreath"
  • EMS126 "Winter Wreath"
    EMS126 "Winter Wreath"
  • EMS133 "Cottage in Spring"
    EMS133 "Cottage in Spring"
  • EMS134 "Cottage in Summer"
    EMS134 "Cottage in Summer"
  • EMS135 "Cottage in Autumn"
    EMS135 "Cottage in Autumn"
  • EMS136 "Cottage in Winter"
    EMS136 "Cottage in Winter"
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