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Project 2009 - An Advent Calendar

Preview of Project 2009

There will be 24 motifs, two motifs for each month in 2009. As with the previous project, I will give you the last 6 motifs in October so you can finish the calendar in time for Advent 2009.

I suggest a natural beige fabric so the white snow tops of the letters come out nicely and because the natural tone compliments the vivant colors of the motifs.
However, any other color is possible. Even very light colors because the snowy parts are outlined.

The motifs have a height of 45 stitches, the width of the letters should be calculated with about 58 stitches (for the largest two-numbers motif).

For all numbers you will need DMC 336 Navy Blue and DMC 803 Baby Blue ultra dark, the snow tops are stitched in DMC 5200 Snow White. For the stars I used a metallic thread, DMC 5284 Gold.

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 Some ideas on how to finish the project

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