EMS Cross Stitch Design

How to make a card

First select a piece of suitable card in the color you wish to use for your greeting card.
Next draw a rectangular box with a length, 3 times longer than the height and cut it out (the neater the cuts the neater the finished greeting card).
Divide the card into three equal sections and score the lines (but don't cut them).
Next cut a shape (oval or circle) in the centre section to the size of aperture you need to show your cross stitch design. See Figure 1 below


Next cut another piece of card the same height, but 2mm less than the width of the centre square shown above.
Now, cut the fabric around your design, small enough to fit on the mount card you have just cut but larger than the hole in the centre square shown above.
Mount the design on the mount card using glue, masking tape or thread bracing.
Next place the mounted design against the back of the centre square shown above, and fold the right square back to enclose the cross stitch in a card sandwich.
Glue this down, taking care not to damage the cross stitch.
Fold the left square back to make the card

All that remains is to write a greeting in the card and you have finished.

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