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How to finish the Babybook (variation 2)

Now trim the excess fabric excluding the area near the opening at the bottom. Clip the corners carefully at a 45 degree angle to ensure that the finished corner lays properly.


Turn the stiched fabric "outside-in" so that the back of the stitching is now on the inside. To do this, take the side of the stitching opposite the opening and push it through the opening. Iron flat carefully.

Finally slip-stitch the opening at the bottom together. Iron again.

The cover is finished exactly as the other pages. The "inside" can be any fabric you wish, stitched or unstitched but it must be the same size.

To construct the completed pages, lay them one on top of the other and backstitch vertically through the center between facing pages. You must stitch through all layers. You can use floss matching the cover or a contrasting color. You may wish to use thicker or more strands for added strength.

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